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Types of Industrial B2B Companies We Can Help


When buyers and engineers are looking for suppliers, they turn to Thomas.

That’s why, when manufacturers and industrial companies are looking to grow their businesses, they turn to Thomas as well.

We’ve been helping manufacturers and industrial suppliers connect with buyers and engineers for than 120 years. Today, we provide solutions to get in front of the active, in-market buyers on our platform as well as a comprehensive suite of digital marketing services to attract high-value buyers across the web.

While we are proud to serve industry as a whole, we know that the buying cycle is very different for different types of buyers. Therefore, our solutions are customized to align with the way that you — and your customers — do business


For product and component manufacturers, generating new revenue requires getting specified into more projects. But before you can get spec’d, you first need to get found.

Capital Equipment OEMs

Capital Equipment OEMs

Whether you’re a dominant brand or a niche player, the capital equipment customers you need can take years – even decades – between purchases. Capitalizing on those relatively rare opportunities means being in the right place at the right time, offering the right information for numerous and varied stakeholders.

Custom Manufactures & Job Shops

Custom Manufactures & Job Shops

Chances are your business goals are pretty straightforward. You’d like to keep your machines running at full capacity, on your highest margin jobs, for customers with whom you actually want to do business.

Industrial Distributors

Industrial Distributors

Whether you’re a stocker or a drop-shipper, big or small, you need to do more than just promote the products you rep. Getting the new customers you need calls for getting your “value-added” story out there where they can see it.

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