Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs)

We help product and component manufacturers get in front of engineers and B2B buyers. We also help them navigate the highly complex buying process, gaining the trust of buying decision makers along the way in order to consistently win new business.

Your Customers and Prospects are our Specialty


  • Need to view your detailed product data and technical specs, to qualify your products based on form/fit/function

  • Need to have access your to software-ready 3D CAD models

Buyers & Procurement

  • Need to determine partnership viability (company size, annual sales, locations, key personnel, industries served, delivery/shipping capabilities, etc.)
  • Need to see and confirm your specific quality certifications
  • Determine your ownership status for diversity requirements (if appropriate)
  • Review your detailed product data and technical specs
  • Analyze your offerings for possible vendor consolidation opportunities

Solutions For OEMs

We help facilitate your brand at every step of the sourcing process for buyers, engineers, and other decision-makers. Engineers need your detailed product data, technical specs and software-ready CAD models. Purchasing agents need to learn about your company, confirm your quality certifications, understand your detailed product data and technical specs.

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